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The most compact service we have ever delivered was comprised of five letters. It was a commercial name for a new product that organizations could use for creating online communities. Anyone who has ever tried to conceive of a commercial title for a global product should agree that it is actually one of the toughest assignments there is.

Often, our clients want more than five letters from us. Typically, we write web pages, other electronic or print marketing material, and various types of articles for our clients.

Andalys professional services include:

Writing content for company web pages about products, technologies, services, corporate information, and news. View samples here.

Authoring marketing material, such as product descriptions, white papers, articles, usage scenario stories, and brochures. Here you can view some examples.

Consulting on marketing projects related to technology products or services.

Our experience with both large corporations and small enterprises in the information technology and telecommunications industries have shown us the serious, professional side of marketing, while our contributions to media business has shown us the power of public communications.

Andalys professional marketing consultancy services for online and print media

Focused on technology marketing

Andalys Ltd specializes in writing marketing messages about information technology, mobile communications, and consumer electronics products and consulting on related projects.

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